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The Auto Shipping Industry is unique. So it demands a unique customer experience.

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Auto Shipping. Not Your Average Industry.

The Auto Shipping Industry is unique. So it demands a unique customer experience. In the Auto Shipping world, two distinct groups of Shipping Specialists are in constant negotiation; the Brokers and the Carriers. In order to get your vehicle transported, you’ll need to team up with a Broker to find the best Carrier for the job. We call this the Client-Broker Alliance.

Through this back and forth exchange with a national network of Carriers competing for your business.

ADB Transport will ensure that shipping your vehicle is easy and affordable for you.

How it Works

Free Consultation

Request a quote and a Designated Auto Shipping Advisor will be assigned to you. Your Advisor will do an assessment of the current market trends that could affect pricing and carrier availability. This assessment helps your Advisor better negotiate with Carriers on your behalf and will ensure you are informed of what to expect going forward

Place An Order

Once you book ADB Transport as your Broker, our Dispatch Department will start working on your order. Your Advisor will inform you when Carriers express interest in shipping your vehicle. As these are merely offers, you are not obliged to accept any bid that does not meet your schedule or budget priorities.

Book Your Carrier

Once you accept an offer, a Shipping Agreement will be finalized and your spot reserved with the Carrier. All terms will be outlined in this document for your review and signature

Confirm Pick-Up

A Dispatch Notice provides all contact information for your Carrier. It is recommended that you call your Carrier prior to the pickup date to confirm all arrangements directly with the Driver they’ve assigned to you. Your ADB Transport Advisor is available should you need any additional assistance

Vehicle Transportation

The Carrier is required to keep you updated on the status of your shipment prior to pick-up and delivery. However, your

ADB Transport Advisor remains available to you at all times to address any concerns or assist with status updates


The Carrier will do a final inspection of your vehicle and will document this in the Bill of Lading (BOL). Sign the BOL after you’ve personally confirmed the condition of the vehicle. Payment to the Carrier is made on delivery in cash, cashiers cheque or money order.